Leveraging Your
Business Relationships

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Leveraging relationships that mean business involves 4 key activities that, in concert, will help you attract, engage and realize value from the 4 groups of people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your services.

Business people are, regardless of their position, responsible for revenues.  Their position may not be called ‘sales’ but each person on a business’ team adds value that generates revenues in some way.

People do business with people.  People who know, like and trust you . . . can best influence others to work with you. 2 women meeting for lunch

Building relationships that make others AWARE of us, PREFER us over competitive alternatives and feel CONFIDENT they can trust us to deliver on our value proposition is both a science and an artform!

The 4 keys to leveraging relationships and generating revenues are:

1.  Deciding WHO you can best help and WHY they care

2.  Identifying WHO can connect / introduce you to these people

3.  Generating PREFERRALS to people of interest and value

4.  FOLLOWING-UP until someone’s Lifetime Value is fully realized

Knowing (and, doing!) these four (4) keys to leveraging the relationships you have with your prospects, clients, advocates and alliances will do much to making your business or practice grow and far more easily than you know!


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