TRUST . . . Is Key

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If you want to generate referrals and introductions to qualified individuals for your services, you must establish trust with the people who make them possible.  Earning someone’s trust reflects the way you manage their perception of you as a valuable and reliable provider.

If you’re a coach, consultant or advisor who asks someone to refer or introduce you to people in their sphere-of-influence, it reflects your bravery and commitment to your success. 

Whether they actually do refer or introduce you reflects their confidence in your ability to do what they say you can do and make someone who matches your Ideal Client Profile think better of them for referring or introducing you.

Trust . . . reflects someone’s belief and expectation that:

  1. they can rely on you to deliver the value your brand suggests, and
  2. they will be viewed favorably by their contact after they meet with you

A referral rich business really depends on managing the perception of you as a reliable source of the value associated with the brand called YOU.  People are risk-averse.  If someone feels you won’t deliver the value your brand suggests or people won’t feel good about them after they refer you, you’re not likely to get many referrals.

Build trust in key people by convicting them 1) you CAN and WILL deliver value and 2)  referring you will reflect well on them, as well.  More on the ‘how’ to do this in upcoming posts.

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