Familiarity . . . Invites Trust

Executive Speed Read

Like a fine wine, Trust requires time to develop.
But the time must be used wisely or it won’t affect, build or improve the quality of Trust
which highly productive relationships require.

The old truism, “Familiarity breeds contempt” is just not true.  (OK, if we’re talking about uninvited relatives who just ‘show up’ one day and stay longer than we like . . . then, maybe it’s true.  But, I digress)

It’s Frequency and Variety
The fact is, the more you connect with someone and, up to a point, the more frequently you do so, the more likely they are to feel comfortable with you.   And that . . . is what Trust requires to develop and maintain with someone.

Pareto’s Principle: The 80/20 Rule
Building a connection of Trust with someone — e.g. a prospect, client, advocate or alliance — typically involves a variety of touches, at different times, that are largely not self-promotional.

A good ‘rule’ is to make most of each contact you make more about the recipient and less about you.  At most, limiting any self-promotional contacts to 20% or less of all your relationship nurturing contacts will keep someone open and receptive to hearing from you.

Building a trusted relationship that produces value in the form of referrals to you, introductions for you along with revenues you can bank . . . requires making regular contact with anyone who is a key to your success.  And, when you do, make sure most of these contacts offer intrinsic value to the other person.

Experience the kind of valuable, personally valuable contact that a simple marketing communication offers . . .

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