Executive Speed Read

You have many options to keep-in-touch and stay ‘top-of-mind’ with your prospects, clients, advocates and alliances.
Unfortunately, coaches, consultants and advisors often cannot use as a many as they’d like due to limited bandwidth. But, there is one kind of touch you should use — even if you do nothing else — the KITSIMFIL Call.

You know the ‘secret’ to building Trust with someone is a function of the variety and frequency of contacts you make with them.

When You’re An Army of ONE
The challenge you have when you’re a solopreneur is the limited resource of TIME. Spinning platesTime that you have available to do anything and, the time it takes to build and maintain a trusted advisor relationship with your key people.

Granted, you may want to make a number of different ‘touches’ with someone you’re building a trusted relationship but often, that’s not practical or likely due to ‘constraints’ on your most precious asset: Time.

So, if you have to choose (and, you always do!) ONE kind of touch that would offer you the greatest ROI . . . it would be a KITSIMFIL Call.

Man on phoneKITSIMFIL is an acronym I coined.  It stands for Keep-In-Touch (to) Stay-In-Mind (so someone will) Fall-In-Love . . . with you.  All you need to do is call each of your key people once a quarter and ask them two things:

  1. “How are you?”
  2. “How may I (or, someone I know) be of service and value to you?”

Make a list of your key people — prospects, clients, advocates and alliances.  Use a CRM or the like to create a KITSIMFIL Call List of people you want to reach out to on a quarterly basis.  Call them.  Ask them the two (2) questions posed above.  LISTEN.  Then, ACT.

You’ll be amazed at what ‘shock and awe’ you’ll create.

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