Executive Speed Read

A US Army General, addressing the graduating cadets of the US Military Academy at West Point in 1918 said, “Shortly you will be put in charge of other men.  When you are, remember to treat each man fairly, not equally.  What you say to one will roll off his back like water on a duck.  That same remark to another man will cut him to the quick of his soul.  Treat your men fairly, not equally.”

Treating your key people ‘equally’ is neither wise nor effective at building the kind of trust you want as their advisor.   It makes the assumption that your prospects, clients, raving fan advocates and strategic alliances are of equal value to you and equal in their ability to trust you.  Treat your key people fairly . . . appropriately . . . but never ‘equally’.

Various Touches . . . Various Frequencies
Spinning plates
Maintaining a ‘Top-of-Mind’ awareness and building a trusted advisor relationship with your key people normally requires a variety of contacts and they must be delivered at different times to build trust and, the business revenues that trust suggests.

Enter . . . The KIT-SIM-FIL Planner
KITSIMFIL PlannerAs you attempt to connect repeatedly with a growing number of people, coordinating the myriad contact activities . . . can quickly overwhelm you.

That’s why you’ll want to use a planner to make sure the who / what / when and how of your cultivation touches happen as you wish . . . to build the trust you want with your key people.

What It Does For You
The KITSIMFIL Planner helps you build a template to help you coordinate 3 factors that help you make the connections that build Trust and differentiate you with people who are key to your success:

  1. People You Want To Cultivate or Nurture — prospects, clients, advocates and alliances
  2. Frequency of Contact — weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  3. Type of Contact — the eight (8) most popular ones, of course!

Download a copy of my One Page Client Letter: INSIGHTS
This is provided, with permission, twice a month.  Each issue focuses on ONE idea, on ONE page and always includes a step-by-step ACTION PLAN that outlines how to go from where you LEARN about the idea to where you can EARN revenues with it . . . in your business or practice.