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Your Super Expert Network

You know what a basic network or ‘Sphere-of-Influence’ is, right?  It’s the group of people who know OF you, prefer you OVER your competitors and have confidence IN you to do what you do effectively and reliably.

A sub-group of your basic network is the group of people you consider to be your ‘Experts’.Super Expert Network

It doesn’t matter so much what each one does individually.  But collectively, they form a group of people who will make you look good when someone asks, “Hey, do you know someone who . . .”.

At the same time, each of your Experts likely has their own network of people who know, love and trust them.

Once you earn the respect of your fellow Experts and are one of their Experts, whenever someone in their Sphere-of-Influence develops a need or desire for the beneficial difference you can create in their life . . . guess who’s going to be called in to help?  Yep.  You!

A number of coaches, consultants and advisors like to say, “The acid-test for introducing you to my people is whether or not I believe that will make them think even better of me”.  You do that . . . and you’ll see referrals.  Plain and simple.

A key part of your strategy for generating referrals, apart from whatever tactics you may use to generate them, depends on having other people get to know, love and trust you so well they actively seek out opportunities to introduce you to their people and make them look good in the process.

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