Client Outcomes

First, “Welcome!” . . . I’m delighted you’re here.

If we work together, it’s not what you will gain as much as what you’ll lose.  Permit me to explain . . . 

Clients work with me because they have a GAP . . . of Clients or Income

For some reason, a GAP exists because, enroute to your goal, something is:

1.  . . . happening, AND . . . you want it to stop, or

2.  . . . it’s NOT happening, AND . . . you want it to start or resume, or

3.  . . . it’s happening, BUT . . . you want it to be different or better than it is now

What my clients get . . . is simple.

They get to lose . . . their GAP!

I help clients overcome challenges they’re experiencing in their business.  I’m not a life coach.  I’m a business coach.  If you want to lose weight, stop smoking, train for a marathon, etc. I’m not your guy.  

If you want to get more clients and make more money, I’m your guy.  My background includes psychology, finance, sales and marketing.  And I love a good challenge!

In a general sense, there are two kinds of people.  Employees and Entrepreneurs.  I work with Entrepreneurs. 

You may be a solopreneur (small IS beautiful) or, you may own a company that employs other people.  Either way, you’re my kind of person.  And, I may be your kind of coach. 

The GAP I specialize in helping my clients close is . . . not having enough of and/or the right kind of clients.  

You have this GAP when you realize you’re working harder than you like, longer than you thought and for less than you deserve. 

Closing this GAP . . . is what I do . . . and you can expect . . . as a result of working with me.